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Pronounced [ breyn ], is a well-rounded nootropic with leading-edge nanotechnology for maximum impact to deliver an instant boost to the central control unit of your body - your brain. Amplify your overall wellness and conquer each day!



pronounced [ zleem ], is a powerful natural supplement that helps your body enjoy quality sound sleep while supporting a renewed and holistic healthy state.

I’ve been snapping since June of 2022. When I found velovita, I was on a regimen that consisted of 7 different daily steps. I was looking for something different that was simple, and effective, but that also could help me to feel better. I’m a very busy person- so simple is better for me.

I was so happy to learn that one snap- could help with multiple things! My friend sent me a sample-BRĀN is my favorite product! I ordered after my first snap It’s helped me so much with energy, and it has helped to decrease my cravings. I’m more focused and I genuinely feel better! My mood is calm and happy! Being a new mom, this is definitely what I needed!

Not to mention, my baby weight is falling off quickly I look forward to my snap every morning I’m excited to try the other products! My friends are having the most amazing results with them!

I have been in the health and wellness industry for over a decade, and never have I experienced anything quite like this!

Plus: - It’s an all American company Non GMO Gluten Free Vegan Keto-Friendly Dairy Free

Katie Byers

Hear from Beth about
brān® and zlēm®

Add Fuel To The Weight Loss!!

plôs ™ THERMO


pronounced [ pluhs ], our line of beverage companions, is designed for adding to your favorite beverage of choice for a little something extra! Rather than a disappointing instant coffee that won’t meet your flavor standards, plôs™

Thermo is a non-dairy creamer you’ll love adding to your home-brewed coffee or favorite barista creation to help with your fitness and body composition goals.

Here are some yummy drink ideas for non coffee drinkers:

  • Orange Cream Dream (Sunkist Zero with a cream of your choosing +PLÔS)

  • Iced Matcha (Matcha Tea with milk/cream/sweetener of your choosing +PLÔS)

  • Pink Drink (Tazo passion fruit tea & coconut milk with a sweetener of your choosing +PLÔS)

  • Frosty Lemonade (Lemonade & cream/milk of your choosing +PLÔS)

  • Hot cocoa hot or cold just snap PLÔS in!

  • Chai Tea (2 tea bags, water & 1 1/2 cup milk, cinnamon)

  • Add to any Smoothie or Protein shake

  • You also can use decaf coffee and add PLÔS!

The Combinations are ENDLESS!!!

tuün ™


pronounced [tune], is a state-of-the-art wearable biohack that contains our proprietary Biohacking Enhancement Technology (B.E.T.) designed to help you stay “finely tuned” in a world of outward and inward stressors including electromagnetic fields (EMFs) and other electrosmog that is ever-present in today’s modern and convenience-oriented lifestyle.

I'm a bit of a scatterbrained person and my thoughts

are always so jumbled.

Ever since putting on Tuun

I have felt much more clear in my head and my mind

isn't racing like it usually does,

Overall, I just feel at peace in my body and balanced

in my thoughts and emotions.

So incredibly thankful for uüth.

Honestly, I am thankful for all of the products, but this post is strictly to brag about how much this collagen has helped me.

A few months ago, I was losing my hair by the handfuls. I couldn’t run my hand through my hair without a ton of hair falling out.

I would cry every single time I washed my hair or had to brush it because I could see how thin my hair was getting each time.

I physically had bald spots and even went as far as cutting my hair that I was obsessed with (down to my bottom almost) up to my shoulders to make it look and feel thicker.

Since taking this collagen every single day, the bald spots are now growing hair, and I have minimal hair loss.

I am obsessed. I am obsessed with my results. I am obsessed with simplicity.

I am obsessed with the yummy berry taste.

Krystal Batson Maynard

uüth ™



[pronounced yüth], is a delicious premium gelée containing powerful ingredients designed to help you live, look and feel more vibrantly youthful.

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